Gas Turbine Technology Research and Development Laboratory South Carolina

Complete Planning, Site, Architectural, Interiors, Structural, Mechanical, Process, and Electical engineering and design services for a new, greenfield research, testing and development facility for stationary power generating gas turbine combustion technology. This 300,000SF facility houses five (5) test cells and accompanying process systems to simulate the environment within an operational gas turbine. Process systems including compressed air, compressed natural gas, air heaters, fuel heaters, cooling and quench water, liquid fuels, and a variety of cryogenic gases provide the capability to develop and test atmospheric and fuel quality conditions for customers located anywhere around the world. Along with these combustion testing capabilities, additional labs for accessory systems, materials, acoustics, joining, and mechanical stress testing on wind turbine components are housed in this center of excellence. Finally, a three-story office building housing upwards of 600 engineers and technical specialists in the field of power generation round out the capabilities of this impressive testing facility.

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