Gas Turbine Validation Test Facility South Carolina

Architectural, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Process, Electrical power and controls engineering, and on-site Owner Representation for a major reconstruction of an existing gas turbine production test stand for conversion to full-speed, full-load validation testing for stationaly power generating gas turbines. This major reconstruction project was restricted by maintaining the existing footprint of the test facility. Major accomplishments included doubling the building envelope of the roof structure by increasing height, width, and length of a penthouse structure and developing a new load path for 1-Million-pound horizontal forces down to a reinforced foundation system. Rail access to the rear of the facility required major site, rail siding, and a new turntable design along with development of a removable section of exhaust stack and supporting structure. Upgrades to fuel gas process systems, turbine, and area ventilation introduced new, innovative mechanical systems. Massive power requirements and controls design for upwards of 3,000 instrumentation data points proved the extensive capabilities of our electrical engineering group. This reconstructed facility now allows for invaluable power generating validation testing of production turbines prior to shipment for customers around the world.

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