Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

When you need services from a trusted mechanical engineering consulting firm, you can count on HWH. Our team of professional mechanical and chemical engineers, along with experienced mechanical designers, provide services in several areas of process and facilities mechanical systems. Our experience comes from decades of successfully completed projects in the global industrial, commercial and government markets.

When you collaborate with HWH, you work with a diverse and cross-functional team that can apply experience from multiple markets to meet your specific needs. From senior staff with decades of expertise to younger staff that are trained by exposure to multiple markets, we thoroughly understand every nuance of the systems we engineer for you.

Our Engineering and Design Services Include:

  • Systems Engineering to Provide Component Selections and Equipment for:
    • Steam generation (boilers, burners, deaerators, economizers, flash tanks, fuel pressurization systems, etc.)
    • Air generation (compressors, blowers)
    • Air treatment (dryers, filters, separators, coolers, etc.)
    • Chillers (water and air-cooled)
    • Water treatment systems
    • Pressure vessels (ASME, EN, JIS, etc.)
    • Pumps (centrifugal, diaphragm, grinder, inline, multistage, plunger, positive displacement, submersible, trash, turbine, slurry, etc.)
    • Other mechanical equipment
  • Facilities Piping Systems Engineering
    • Process flow diagrams (PFD), piping instrumentation drawings (P&ID), process control diagrams (PCD)
    • Valve selection and specification (balance, control, isolation, regulating, safety, etc.)
    • Instrumentation selections (conductivity, flow, force, humidity, leak, level, proximity, pressure, temperature, vibration, etc.)
    • Facility piping drawings (2D or 3D)
    • Piping support designs
  • Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems Engineering
    • Component selections (burners, coils, compressors, controls, fans, housings, intakes, fans, plenums, service closets, motors, pulleys and belts)
    • Equipment specifications (air handling, dehumidification, exhaust, humidification, make-up air, natural ventilation, supply, tempered air, etc.)
    • Control diagrams
    • Instrumentation selection (flow, humidity, leak, proximity, pressure, temperature, vibration, etc.)
    • System drawings
  • Water Treatment and Plumbing Systems Engineering
    • Water filtration systems
    • Reverse osmosis (RO) systems (carbon filters, cleaning skids, pressurization pump skids, RO skids, softeners, storage tanks, etc.)
    • Deionized (DI) water systems
    • Sanitary lift stations
    • Oil-water separators (emulsification tanks, oil-water separators, effluent discharge storage and pump skids, etc.)
  • Fire Protections System Specification and Design
    • Preliminary system coverage designs and layouts
    • Code analysis
    • Hydraulic calculations
    • Component specifications (fire pump skids, alarm check valves, valve trims, sensor, aboveground/underground distribution materials, post indicator valves (PIV), sectional control valves (SCV), etc.)
    • Seismic analysis and calculations
    • Complete FM review packages

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